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The Oregon Science Project invites you to connect online with other educators throughout Oregon and join the larger statewide conversation around NGSS and K-12 science education. Teachers from every region in Oregon are encouraged to join!

Sign up to be on one of over 30 small online teams representing over 200 of Oregon’s K-12 teachers from ALL over Oregon who also want to connect online and collaboratively learn about NGSS! Each team will have a trained Oregon Science Project Learning Facilitator to guide them in real time through curated online NGSS PD Modules. Together with up to 10 other motivated educators you will explore the roles of phenomena, student talk, and formative assessment for equity in the NGSS.

Complete 20 hours of interactive, real-time/synchronous NGSS professional development with your team from the comfort of your own computer, and earn 2 graduate credits or 40 PDU’s. (credits cost a total of $120 while PDU’s are free).

Sign Up By: Saturday September 30, 2017

Timeline for Participation: Early October 2017-April 2018

Who will be on a team?

You will be assembled into teams of 6-10 educators based upon region and also time preference. For instance, you may be placed with a Learning Facilitator running the modules every second Tuesday from 6pm-8pm because you live in Pendleton and chose Tuesday evenings.

Since we are online, we will prioritize time preference and may place you with teachers from a different region if we cannot place you in a regional team due to time conflicts. For instance, a Corvallis teacher may be placed with a Learning Facilitator in Hood River because they are running it on the first Saturday of the month from 9am-noon and there isn’t a regional team in the Corvallis area running the modules at a time that works.

The Oregon Science Project was launched in the winter of 2017 to bring educators together in community for regional leadership in support of the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards/Oregon 2014 Science Standards.

If you have questions, please contact Cristina Trecha, OSP Administrator, at ctrecha@oregonscienceproject.org.

Join One of the many professional learning community teams being led by OSP Learning Facilitators from across the entire state of Oregon!

Register to be on a team here!

The Oregon Science Project has been made possible through funding from the Oregon Department of Education. This collaboration between Eastern Oregon University, the Oregon Science Teachers Association, and the Oregon Coast STEM Hub also includes partnerships with multiple Oregon STEM Hubs and the University of Oregon.


The Oregon Science Project aligns with OSTA's Strategic Goals that were adopted in 2016.

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