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2017 Conference on Science Education

Phenomenon: Exploring Your World

This strand is about the student's journey of exploration of their world. It is about the student experience, not the teacher telling the story.

Equity: All Aboard

This strand focuses on the need for cultural relevancy in science teaching so all students have access and can participate in the science journey. Let’s utilize the science and engineering practices as the ticket to increase student access and engagement.

Generating Energy through the Interconnectedness of STEAM

This strand is about powering student engagement by interconnecting science with technology, engineering, arts, and math.

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2017 OSTA Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Science Teaching
See the list of the 2017 Outstanding Science Teachers

Awards will be presented at the Awards Event held at Theory, the Cafe at OMSI on Thursday, October 12, 2017.  We are very proud to have these teachers as members of the Oregon Science Teachers Association.

Join us at the event for food, drink and camaraderie!

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$25 for adults, $12 for children 12 and under

Enjoy the museum after the event

Oregon Teams Win National STEM Competitions


OSTA is proud to recognize the team of young women from Westview High School in Portland were named as national winners of the ninth grade category of  the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP)  in its 15th annual eCYBERMISSION competition.

Nandhana Nixon, Ragini Dindukurthi, Namitha Nixon from STEM 4 Girls worked with Team Advisor Nixon Xavier to minimize Phantom Limb Sensation/Pain for amputees using cost effective virtual reality technology. They created a prototype using virtual reality with an armband and gesture control to create a cost-effective therapy that would be easily accessible to all amputees. See their winning presentation, here.

The web-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program—sponsored by the U.S. Army and administered by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)—is designed to cultivate student interest in STEM by encouraging students in grades six through nine to develop solutions to real-world problems in their local communities.

The winning teams were chosen from 20 national finalist teams, which were selected from almost 6,000 teams that entered the 2017 competition. Since the program’s inception in 2002, eCYBERMISSION has awarded state, regional and national competition winners over $10 million in U.S. Savings Bonds.

Toshiba ExploraVision

OSTA is also proud to announce that another team of young women from West Salem High School in Salem were named as national winners of the Toshiba Exploravision competition.

Victoria Moreland, Marcella Cross, Sophia Hawley, Alexa Montgomery, Emma Fagan, were coached by West Salem High School teacher Michael Lambert.

Their winning project: qSafe: Power Cell of the Future

Recently, dangerous explosions in lithium-ion batteries hav eput many lives at risk and caused several major product recalls affecting cell phones, airplanes, hoverboards, and laptops. Researchers and technology companies worldwide have developed solutions that are often impractical and fail to address the root causes of the explosions. Our qSafe pwer cell uses a system of surface acoustic waves that prevent hazardous lithium buildups, which cause short circuits and explosions in lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, advances in chemistry will allow the qSafe power cell to perform with increased efficiency through the application of quantum nano-based materials. The use of these materials also solves ethical issues created by unsafe conditions in mining cobalt, which is utilized in current lithium-ion battery technology.  The qSafe power cell will be a quantum leap into safe, efficient, and ethical battery power technology. You can view their project website at http://www.qsafepowercell.com/.

xploraVision is a science competition that goes beyond the typical student science competition and into what it takes to bring ideas to reality. A teacher will sponsor and lead his/her students as they work in groups of 2 – 4 to simulate real research and development. A teacher will guide his or her students as they pick a current technology, research it, envision what it might look like in 20 years, and describe the development steps, pros & cons, and obstacles. Past winners have envisioned technologies ranging from a hand-held food allergen detector to a new device to help people who have lost limbs regain movement in real time. To download an ExploraVision brochure, please click here.

    OSTA has created a resource page dedicated to providing accurate, reliable and vetted information about Oregon's 2014 Science Standards (NGSS). This page contains links to ODE pages with implementation and plans. Resources and research supporting the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards are included.

    The changes that the NGSS (and CCSS) propose are not insignificant. Major changes in the classroom environment and in teaching and assessment practices will be required.  Before planning instruction and assessment that informs teaching and learning, the conceptual shifts within the standards should be understood.  If improving student learning is the ultimate goal, then the roll-out of the standards needs to be accompanied by high quality professional development that gives teachers the opportunity to dive deeply into the new standards.

    OSTA Supports the thoughtful, methodical, thorough implementation of the 2014 Oregon Science Standards.

    Support Science Education in Oregon

    There are many ways that OSTA works to support science education and science educators. We encourage anyone or any entity who thinks science education is important to get involved! If you or your organization would like to help OSTA in its mission to promote and facilitate excellence and continued improvement in science education, please let us know by sending an e-mail to Communications@oregonscience.org.

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    Who are we?

    OSTA is a state chapter of the National Science Teacher Association comprised of local teachers who are interested in all levels of science education. Its purpose is to encourage, promote, and assist in Improving science teaching and learning throughout the state. OSTA is excited about the future of science education in the state of Oregon. We encourage your support and involvement in the development of quality science programs throughout the state.

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